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Brad Pitt Family Angry Over Angelina Jolie Comments

Brad Pitts family is reported angry with him after his partner Angelina Jolie admitted that they fell in love while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston. Sources claim that Jolie Pitt publicly outed as a liar, because he always claimed he did not have a relationship with her, while shots were Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005.
19.11.08 09:17

Did Tiger Woods Pave The Way For Obama

If Youre Searching For Tangible Reasons Why It Became Possible For Barack Obama To Make His Historic Run At The Presidency Look No Further Than The Golf Course Basketball Court Or Football Field. Bianchi believes that there are some unsung heroes who deserve credit for helping put a black man in the White House - and are athletes.
19.11.08 09:17

President Bush Welcomes Ryder Cup Team

Team were joined by captain Paul Azinger and assistant captain Raymond Floyd in meeting the President, who had entered the Oval Office by Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. This Was The Icing On The Cake For Me And The Players said Azinger. I was really proud of what the players have been able to achieve on a stage of this size, one of the biggest stadiums in the world, if you think there were some spectators 600million. The members of the victorious United States Ryder Cup team received a warm welcome to the White House on Monday afternoon by President George Bush. Seven of the 12 states of the U.S.
19.11.08 09:16

Quot Twilight Quot Countdown Stephenie Meyer Talks About The Film Quot Twist Ending

(For the record, she says that habit resume writing the book, its planned retelling of Twilight from Edwards point of view, until the noise around it died down. I feel like Im only once with it He said.). When I spoke to Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, she seemed much better than that of alcoholic beverages had been following the Breaking Dawn backlash and the subsequent escape of Midnight Sun on-line.
19.11.08 09:16

Obama Meets With Mccain In Chicago

President-elect Senator Barack Obama and John McCain agreed Monday in their first meeting since the election, to work together on some of the nations most pressing challenges, from financial crisis to national security issues.
19.11.08 09:16

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